Bilingual Patterns
Geothe Pop-Up
Kansas City, MO

Bilingual Patterns is a collaboration between German artist Armin Mühsam and American artist Caleb Taylor.  The two painters transformed the architecture of Kansas City’s Goethe Pop Up into a continuous folded canvas. The resulting installation is an organic extension of Mühsam’s and Taylor’s studio practices, both of which employ the architectonic structure and collage as central factors in their painting processes and decision-making. As a consequence, cutting and reassembling, solids and voids, are the determining gestures that drive the dialogue between these two artists, a conversation visualized in the interplay of each painter’s signature languages, enacted directly on the walls of the gallery.

Bilingual Patterns, 2019, latex paint on wall, plywood, bookshelf, masonite, books - 50.5’ x 10’ x 1.5’





exhibition photographs by E.G. Schempf