Fixed Positions
in collaboration with Christopher Spaw
MCC - Longview Cultural Center
Lee’s Summit, MO

Fixed Positions is comprised of architectonic abstractions printed and painted on vinyl used for outdoor signage.  The viewer is greeted in the hallway by a hanging plane that breaks the gallery’s threshold and leads into the exhibition.  This plane is both the literal entry into the space and the point where images begin to mediate, interrupt, contextualize, and invigorate the venue.

Images have the potential to enter into dialogue with architectural structures, and influence how spaces are physically and visually navigated.  Walking the perimeter of a room allows one to experience the totality of a space, taking a physical survey of place and location - embracing its volume.  In contrast, bisecting a space to its distant corners allows viewers to take ownership over a room in ways that are immediate.

Caleb Taylor’s practice has increasingly focused on architectonic structures and their relationships to constructed environments, place, and dynamics connected to ways of seeing. Fixed Positions was made in collaboration with architect Christopher Spaw, and challenges relational qualities of space and architecture with new concerns for site-specificity.  Their use of monumental geometry narrates the installation and takes viewers through a physical survey where the awareness of traveled pathways become the content.  The making of their work reveals complex conversations addressing dualities of images and objects and perception and understanding as important shared themes in this exhibition.

Fixed Positions, site-specific installation, inkjet prints and latex paint on Eco-flex vinyl, various hardware, 51’ x 27’ x 7’

exhibition photographs by Logan Hamilton Acton