SITE Seeing
Charlotte Street Foundation
Kansas City

featuring Corey Antis (Kansas City), Avantika Bawa (Portland), Dan Devening (Chicago), Marcie Miller Gross (Kansas City), Mie Kongo (Chicago), Cybele Lyle (Los Angeles), Armin Mühsam (Kansas City), Erin O’Keefe (New York), Christopher Spaw (Alma, KS), and Caleb Taylor (Kansas City)

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organized by Caleb Taylor

SITE Seeing is a multi-disciplinary exhibition connecting artists from Kansas City, Chicago, Portland, New York, and Los Angeles who are working at the intersections of architecture, site-specificity, abstraction, and perception. The ten artists and architects bridge geographies, philosophies, and material conditions to expand the meanings of space and address how identity and content is formed through this research.  

The exhibition layout listens to the defining characteristics of the room - intersecting planes and edges, sight lines, passages, and proportions -  to understand the correlation of space and image.  In the gallery and across the facade of the Charlotte Street Foundation, viewers encounter structural, queer, architectural, emotional, and interactive understandings of site - at times the scale of a book page and others monumental.  The overall installation broadens dialogues beyond the practice and appropriation of architectural aesthetics, arriving at outcomes with conceptual cross-over.  

all installation images by E.G. Schempf