...and their shadows
‘...and their shadows’ is an installation built in collaboration with high school advanced art students featuring  a multi-channel projection made using traditional darkroom photogram processes to investigate the relationship of abstraction, site-specificity and time.  

The exhibition transforms the space with a side-by-side projection (2 screens, 8’h x 25’w overall) playing infinite loops of over 200 grayscale, abstract photograms at varied times to produce a sequence of architectonic compositions beyond the artist’s control.  Finger prints, scratches, and developer marks from the darkroom printing process are left as painterly mark. The final photogram compositions are the bi-product of a process; a cast of collage fragments and forms collected from the studio, and of shadows cast by inanimate objects associated with the studio.

multi-channel projections, screens and lumber structure - all images originally photograms
98” x 306” x 4”

See video of installation HERE.